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I am divided on the whole issue surrounding the sodomy allegation made against Anwar Ibrahim. I really have trouble in expressing myself on the issue from the start and that is apparent in an earlier entry of mine which I was forced to rewrite and added a post-script to express myself better. Over at the […]

You may be interested in reading my review of the debate before voting.

UPDATED: I am surprised by the performance of the Information Minister in the debate tonight. I had expected the Minister to fail to present his case against subsidy, losing to Anwar Ibrahim’s oratorical skill. Delightfully however, I found myself underestimating the Minister, at least, in the earlier parts of the debate. Unfortunately, despite my initial […]

Just as I was getting ready for bed yesterday, the light was out but I was still accessing the internet, hoping to get my last crack of the day. I was on emails, forums, blogs and readers. And then I saw Nat’s posting as well of several others on a new sodomy charge against Anwar […]

We advocate no doubt Hayekian free enterprise but we don’t think Adam Smith’s invisible hand will be that responsive to the changing times. Hence, whenever necessary, to paraphrase John Kenneth Galbraith, we temper free market with an appropriate dose of state intervention to rectify the social inequities attendant on the interplay of pure market forces. […]

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