I am one of many that expected Anwar Ibrahim to be found guilty. I expected so not because I believe he is guilty, but just because I distrust the Malaysian justice system. And when the judge ruled in favor of Anwar, I found myself pleasantly surprised. I am glad for the ruling for two reasons. […]

Milton Friedman once visited Hong Kong in 1963. He met┬áJohn Cowperthwaite, the financial secretary of Hong Kong, whom was credited for enabling Hong Kong to become Asia’s foremost financial center through his free market policy. Friedman asked him “about the paucity of statistics” in Hong Kong. Cowperthwaite replied, “If I let them compute those statistics, […]

I am tired of politics revolving around personality. With it comes excessive feudal culture and ugly mudslinging all too frequently. One can never truly escape it but there are other issues of actual importance if one wants to take a break from the ugliness of it all. These other issues are the ones that truly […]

At a recent public lecture in Sydney, Australia, Anwar Ibrahim said he avoids answering which he aspires to: a secular state or an Islamic state. He reasoned that the issue is contentious and unproductive to engage in. He believes what exists instead is a quasi-secular state, and a hypocritical one at that. He went on […]

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