Social mobility is crucial to the maintenance of a healthy liberal society. Inflexibility will have elites entrenched within the state apparatus and eventually becoming de facto dictators themselves, unless there is some sense of altruism among the elites. The monopoly of power itself is illiberal in so many ways. There are ways to address the […]

Liberalization is on the move. Yet, the move hardly deserves to be called a liberalization effort. Notwithstanding how truly free the local economy is, the federal government led by Barisan Nasional is finally addressing the shortcomings of affirmative action as practiced in the country. The past few weeks have seen the kind of market liberalization […]

I experienced a tremendous surge of security today and I have not felt such feeling in such a long time. The only regret I have is that I did not set a higher target for myself. I might have set a goal too low for myself. Ever since graduation a few years ago from Ann […]

While I am happy with a new path made possible by the recent general election, I am slightly disappointed at the way DAP and PKR are dismissing the outmoded New Economic Policy. Prior to the election and the campaigning period, I was impressed at how the two parties leaders were rejecting the NEP at the […]

[1477] Of an inclusive NEP

There are many kinds of bias but one of the most common comes in kind of loss aversion through endowment effect. The bias describes a tendency to avoid any kind of loss even when the final outcome is a net gain. The endowment effect is a specific form of loss aversion which an individual values […]

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