I am happy that the Malaysian soccer team beat Indonesia by a large margin in the first leg of the Suzuki Cup final. This is especially so when Malaysia was beaten by 5 goals to 1 by Indonesia in the group stage earlier. While I do believe that the team deserves the win — the […]

Watching the Malaysian national soccer team playing in the AFF Suzuki Cup just now is a heartbreaking experience. Call me stubborn but I always hold hope for the national team even when others are so pessimistic of it. That is probably why it hurts every time the team loses. The match that Malaysia lost just […]

[1062] Of Tigers and Lions

The ASEAN Championship match between Malaysia and Singapore was a match that I eagerly anticipated. Despite that, I only managed to catch the second half. Yesterday had been a busy day; one Board of Directors meeting and then my CEO’s birthday on the same day. Busy but fun. Well, not quite busy but whatever. I […]