As a person who spent parts of his formative years in the United States and, more importantly, shared the ideals which the US is founded on, I cannot deny that I have a certain inclination towards the Land of the Free. And so I cannot help having a sense of joy after seeing the Foreign […]

Beberapa perkara yang disebut tidak boleh dipersetujui oleh saya. Beberapa perkara lain, walaupun patut disokong, susah untuk dipercayainya kerana tindak-tanduk yang bertentangan dengan retorik. Walau bagaimanapun, dua perenggan daripada ucapan mantan Presiden UMNO Abdullah Ahmad Badawi harus dipetik: Sedarilah! di luar Dewan Merdeka ini, ramai yang berpandangan bahawa jika UMNO, dan jika Barisan Nasional tidak […]

There is something about the way the Deputy Prime Minister is looking at the Prime Minister. The publisher of the original photo, The Star, captioned it as “Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the Umno special meeting Wednesday afternoon to decide on Datuk Ahmad Ismail’s fate over his alleged […]

I was there at the MSLS yesterday, I was there when the Prime Minister gave his speech and I was there to witness how badly Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi performed on the stage. It was a dreadful experience and I do not think I would not want to listen to the PM’s speeches in […]

Dear Mr. Prime Minister Sir, How are you these days? I heard it has been cloudy over there in Putrajaya for the past several months. I reckon starting the day so gloomily almost every day does little to inspire the heart. I do not envy you but I wish you well regardless! Fortunately for many […]

When I read an article relating to the resignation of Chua Soi Lek in The Star today…: …I just could not resist it: I just love the Prime Minister. He gives too many opportunities for humor. Perhaps, he aims to rival the current US President!

John Kerry, seorang calon Demokrat untuk kerusi Presiden Amerika Syarikat pada tahun 2004 pernah dituduh sebagai calon yang sering menukar fikiran. Mereka yang menentang pencalonannya dengan mudah melabelkan ahli Demokrat itu sebagai tidak berpendirian. Jawapan Kerry terhadap satu soalan mengenai pembiayaan perang setinggi USD87 billion di Kongress masih lagi berdengung di gegendang telinga: “Saya sokong […]

Question. The Prime Minister is in Yemen. The Deputy Prime Minister is in Saudi Arabia. So, who exactly is in charge? The king? Please do not tell me that it is somebody on the fourth floor. This case also occurred in 2005.

Today in the New Straits Times: Ouch! The Malay term itu banjir means “that is a flood”. If the joke is lost on you, see an entry on Eye on Malaysia and another one on what the Prime Minister did during a national disaster for some background. Heck. Just go and read Bakri Musa’s.

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