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[60] Of Star Wars is out!



“Join me and we shall rule the galaxy as father and son…”
– Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker), The Empire Strikes Back, 1981.

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[57] Of Star Wars baby!

Today is Free Comics Day.

Have you heard the latest Star Wars theme song?

It’s called Across the Stars (Love Theme from Attack of the Clones) by the famous John Williams. I’ve just bought the movie’s original motion picture soundtrack for $ 14 and I am more than satisfied.

Across the Stars will be one of Star Wars famous songs. The others are the Opening Theme for the whole ‘hexalogy’, The Throne Room for A New Hope, The Imperial March for Empire Strike Back, The Battle of Endor I, II and III in Return of the Jedi and lastly, Duel of the Fates for The Phantom Menace.

The Opening Theme and The Imperial March have already been recognized as a group that is known as the most famous theme song in the world.

At last, the craving for seeing the dawn of the Imperial Empire will be fulfilled on May 16th 2002. Down with the Old Republic. Kill all the Jedi. Hail to the Sith.

My God, I’m 12 again.

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[44] Of time travel

It has been a long time since I last felt bliss. For once in my disordered life, I managed to snatch a frame of time that doesn’t run nor crawl. Time just stood still for me at one particular moment, just for me alone.

It was late in the morning; I woke up naked from bed with weary eyes and heard a few birds chipping nearby. It’s a dream, I told myself but yet, I knew my awareness was simply present at that time. I sat on the bed, unmoved and confused.

My eyes were struggling to cope with the intense but much welcome sunlight. Confusion overwhelmed me but the confusion simply brought my heart pleasure. The sound of chipping birds just continued on without even a second of pause. It sang continuously and I could swear to God that my other self was singing and dancing in chorus with the rhythm.

Moments passed and when another moment was about to pass through me, I started to notice the condition of my messy room. But finally, I was freed from slumberland. Awaken, I quickly realized that the birds were resting near my wooden window.

Two sparrows, overlooking the sun-lit side of the proud Michigan Union were singing together happily.

Those two flying creatures saw me but they ignored as if they knew that I will never have the heart hurt such a small but lovely beast. They just sang as if there are no worries in this world. I also had forgotten all of my worries. I need not to worry because time stood still for me. When time stops, there are no worries for any of us. Hell freezes – eternity is all we have for everything.

I stared at them but seeing not them. I saw through them. Instead of seeing two singing sparrows, I saw the bluish sky with the mighty Sun shone brilliantly over the earth. Winter had left me quietly.

Wrapping myself with my favorite soft blanket, I came closer to the birds, standing closely to them. The sparrows just ignored me and sang without lapse. I just stood near the window with my chaotic hair, finding myself enjoying the sparrows’ offering.

It’s spring. The equinox must be nearing. Thank God it’s coming.

1045 hours. Fifteen minutes to my next class. Time suddenly sped and the sparrows flew away leaving me alone. Sigh…

Would you believe me if I said that time travel if possible?

You might be remembering Michael J. Fox in the Back to the Future series upon the word time travel but throughout our life, we are traveling through time. We are traveling into the future while experiencing the past without us realizing it. There is no such thing as the “present time”. There are only the past tense and the future tense. Present tense is irrelevant in our life. Past and future tense are the present tense. In a sense, time travel is possible but present time is impossible.

The notion of present time is so vague if you sit down and think about it. It’s like how do you know whether God does exist or not?

Is it possible to have a time that is at the “present time”? Certainly you would say yes but consider this; everything take time to travel. The photons that our retina senses are the photons that were created billions of years plus roughly eight minutes in the core of our star. So, we are sensing the photons that were created during even the mono-cells life forms were still non-existing when we see go out and burns ourselves under the sun.
There is no such thing as “present time” because light does not travel instantly from one place to another. Light needs a certain amount of time to travel. If light travels with infinite speed, only then can we say that we are experiencing “present time”.

Even this paragraph, is the light that was produced by the c.r.t. a few microseconds ago. Therefore, you are reading the thing of the past when you read it.

Moments later, you will read the following sentence and that will be your future time but right now you are reading this sentence which was the product of electrons bombardment a few microseconds ago, which means that your retina actually was sensing the photons that were produced microseconds ago when you were reading the last sentence. Thus, the first sentence of this paragraph that you read was the past when you were reading it but right now you are reading this sentence. You might think that when you are reading the last sentence, you are reading it but no, you read it, not reading it. (When you were reading the sentence before the last sentence, you saw that sentence before the last sentence, not seeing it. Got it?)

To say that we are living at the present time, is really saying that we are experiencing the past in the near future. We are just moving too slowly to realize this fact.

The notion of present time is not easy to describe. Even scholars of the past were confused until the word instantaneous was fully described by calculus. But yet, none of us could really grasp the meaning of present time in everyday life because to have instantaneousness , time must be set to zero and if that holds true, time does not move. Present time is meaningful if it is an instantaneous time. Instantaneous time is meaningful if only time stops. Present time is meaningful if and only if time stops. Unfortunately, time does not stop except at the event horizon. Therefore, the word “present time” is meaningless.

We are traveling through time. Time travel is possible but “present time” is a phrase that describes something impossible.

Present tense is irrelevant in our life but because we are moving too slowly (only a small tiny bit fraction of the speed of light), we are allowed to use present tense. We are allowed to use present tense because we can’t comprehend the experience of experiencing the near past in the near future. The fragment of time called the time where experiencing the near past in the near future is known as the present time. This means that the present time(p.t.) is a moment(a scenario, experience, etc), I called it Mmt over time(t) where time is zero.

p.t. = (Mmt/t) where t = 0. But if A is a real number and B = 0, A/B is meaningless but yet of course, we can use limits method but still, limits use the idea of nearing the 0, not 0. Thus, the limits method does not describe instantaneousness but rather, an approximation of instantaneousness.
This is illogical. I need to sleep.

Here is something that I found over the net. Heart touching, for me at least. God, let me see the light, someday.


[12] Of space elevator

I had my Chemistry 130 final exam just now. I wasn’t hard after all. I should have concentrated on Calculus instead of Chemistry. Well, hope I’ll get an A for my Chemistry.

I haven’t sleep since last night. I’m still awake but slowly losing my consciousness to oblivion. I wonder if I’ll miss my Friday prayer. Today may well be the last day of Ramadhan and the possibility of tomorrow being announced as first Syawal is an acceptable assumption but being the person I am, I don’t really care about it. Back in Malaysia, I have never been excited about First Syawal. To me, it’s just another normal day with some celebration that I don’t really care much. The only thing about it is getting a few hundred Ringgit from my parents and wearing my Baju Melayu.

I am falling into the abyss of slumberland. I won’t allow myself to fall into the abyss alone. I will try my best to drag you with me.

Have you ever heard the term “Space Elevator”?

It was first introduced to the world by a Russian scientist back in the 60s (I think). It’s a fantastic method of transportation to space but has been ignored and regarded by the world community as science fiction. Space Elevator is, much as the name suggested, an elevator. A huge elevator, with a ground base on Earth, connected to a synchronous satellite orbiting the planet. The main reason that make the idea is not feasible at the moment is because of the connector. The connector that needs to be built must be strong enough to withstand against any gust of wind and more importantly, the stress exerted on it. At the present time, there is no such material that is strong enough to make the construction of the Elevator possible. While the connector is an integral part in the construction of the Elevator, the ground base will be the main attraction of activities. The ground base will act as a station, much as a railways station. The ground base must be built on a highland near the equator in order to make full use of the Earth’s magnetic field. (This part, which is starting to go into advanced Physics, it is too complicated for me. Therefore, I will not try to explain it further.) The rationale behind building the Elevator on a highland is that the connector that needs to be built will be shorter, thus cutting down cost dramatically.

Meanwhile, the synchronous satellite will act as a another station in space. This satellite may serve dual purpose. One, as a railways station and two, as a space station. With this dual ability, the need to build many space stations such as the Skylab, Mir and the ISS will be eliminated.

Although the building of the Elevator will consume billions of dollars, the long-term benefits far exceed the cost and the liability of the construction. Imagine, a near 100% efficient kind of transportation that use little electricity to be operated, a vehicle where its energy source comes mostly from kinetic and potential energy and, limitless inter-space traffic… Space will be ours for certain.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote a critically acclaimed book about the Elevator. The title of the book is The Fountain of Paradise. Read it. It’s a good layman introduction to Space Elevator.