[12] Of space elevator

I had my Chemistry 130 final exam just now. I wasn’t hard after all. I should have concentrated on Calculus instead of Chemistry. Well, hope I’ll get an A for my Chemistry.

I haven’t sleep since last night. I’m still awake but slowly losing my consciousness to oblivion. I wonder if I’ll miss my Friday prayer. Today may well be the last day of Ramadhan and the possibility of tomorrow being announced as first Syawal is an acceptable assumption but being the person I am, I don’t really care about it. Back in Malaysia, I have never been excited about First Syawal. To me, it’s just another normal day with some celebration that I don’t really care much. The only thing about it is getting a few hundred Ringgit from my parents and wearing my Baju Melayu.

I am falling into the abyss of slumberland. I won’t allow myself to fall into the abyss alone. I will try my best to drag you with me.

Have you ever heard the term “Space Elevator”?

It was first introduced to the world by a Russian scientist back in the 60s (I think). It’s a fantastic method of transportation to space but has been ignored and regarded by the world community as science fiction. Space Elevator is, much as the name suggested, an elevator. A huge elevator, with a ground base on Earth, connected to a synchronous satellite orbiting the planet. The main reason that make the idea is not feasible at the moment is because of the connector. The connector that needs to be built must be strong enough to withstand against any gust of wind and more importantly, the stress exerted on it. At the present time, there is no such material that is strong enough to make the construction of the Elevator possible. While the connector is an integral part in the construction of the Elevator, the ground base will be the main attraction of activities. The ground base will act as a station, much as a railways station. The ground base must be built on a highland near the equator in order to make full use of the Earth’s magnetic field. (This part, which is starting to go into advanced Physics, it is too complicated for me. Therefore, I will not try to explain it further.) The rationale behind building the Elevator on a highland is that the connector that needs to be built will be shorter, thus cutting down cost dramatically.

Meanwhile, the synchronous satellite will act as a another station in space. This satellite may serve dual purpose. One, as a railways station and two, as a space station. With this dual ability, the need to build many space stations such as the Skylab, Mir and the ISS will be eliminated.

Although the building of the Elevator will consume billions of dollars, the long-term benefits far exceed the cost and the liability of the construction. Imagine, a near 100% efficient kind of transportation that use little electricity to be operated, a vehicle where its energy source comes mostly from kinetic and potential energy and, limitless inter-space traffic… Space will be ours for certain.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote a critically acclaimed book about the Elevator. The title of the book is The Fountain of Paradise. Read it. It’s a good layman introduction to Space Elevator.



[11] Of I love Ann Abor

Hockey again…

Malaysia 0 – 1 South Africa.

So near yet so far… All we need was another pathetic point but we ended up with the fraze of beating up India and losing to both Argentina and South Africa the spoilers. Just like Ohio State. The Wolverines almost for certain will get the Rose Bowl for the Big Ten but there must be a spoiler. Sigh…Life is harsh. For the Citrus Bowl, we are against Tennessee. Louisiana, which was expect to meet us in the Citrus Bowl will be up against Illinois in the Sugar Bowl. Louisiana upsetted somebody else. Another spoiler in the SEC.

On other note, I accidentally created a link to somebody else’s site. I’m still looking which line in the source code to be deleted in order to not let my visitors being forced to visit some unrelated sites. Maybe it’s because of the new tracker’s code that I’ve added to my code. Maybe I should try to find another free tracker.

I bought a bus ticket to Minneapolis today. It cost me about USD 143. I could have bought it online but instead, I decided that I needed the walking exercise. So, I walked for the Michigan Union to East Huron. Nice. As I walked through the city, I finally realize how beautiful Ann Arbor is. Before this, I thought Ann Arbor is beautiful just because of the greens in the North Campus and the romantic buildings in the Central Campus. Today, I found out why Ann Arbor is called Ann Arbor. The Main St. is marvelous, I would say it is comparable to Madison’s State St. Of course Ann Arbor don’t have the Capitol replica on a hill like Madison does but still, the mere sight of the heart of Ann Arbor is breathtaking.

It’s a hidden beauty.

I’m starting to fall in love with the town. I would hate the day when I’ll graduate from this University. No wonder my uncle don’t want to come back to Malaysia. No wonder he chooses to live in Ann Arbor. No wonder people have been saying that Ann Arbor is the best place for many to do their college year. You can go to M.I.T. or even Princeton but you’ll find that only Michigan and a few others offer the intellectual atmosphere to its apex, with a life. M.I.T. doesn’t have a stadium but Michigan does. Princeton has many Noble Prize winners but so does Michigan.

Plus, the city is not too minute and not too monstrous. It’s just nice. I love it here.


[10] Of Malaysia 1 – 2 Argentina

Hockey (it’s field hockey for you American…)

Malaysia lost to Argentina with the final tally of 2 to 1. Now, Malaysia will need to at least fight for a draw against South Africa. Pray.


[9] Of kiddie-script caught

Hmmm… Nice…

Domain Name ? (Educational)
IP Address 130.126.188.# (Various Registries)
Language Setting English
Operating System Unknown Unknown
Browser Netscape 3.01
Mozilla/3.01 (compatible;)

Time Zone UTC-6:00
CST – Central Standard Time
CDT – Central Daylight Saving Time
Visitor’s Time Dec 12 2001 2:30:20 am

There’s actually no privacy… The Big Brothers are watching you…


[8] Of Malaysia 2 – 1 India

I’m so ****ed up.

Latest news, Hockey World Cup’s Champions’ Cup. Malaysia 2 – 1 India.

3 more points and we’ll be in the World Cup!!!