The Trojans lost to the Bruins. I didn’t expect that:

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Southern California’s dejected players trudged off the Rose Bowl field, oblivious to the celebration going on around them.

Their national championship hopes had just ended with the biggest upset of the season.

UCLA knocked No. 2 USC out of the Bowl Championship Series title game with a stunning 13-9 victory over its crosstown rival Saturday. The Bruins did it with a vastly improved defense and a quarterback starting on three days’ notice.

With the Trojans completely out of the picture as far as national championship is concerned, we have only two teams to pick and match against Ohio State: Florida and Michigan.

I obviously prefer Michigan but let Michigan and Florida duke ’em out! Let’s have a playoff just to determine who should be up against the Fuckeyes.

And at the NYT:

The Bruins won despite just 235 yards of total offense and not completing a pass of more than 21 yards.

“I’m not going to sleep tonight,” Markey [Bruins tailback] said, smiling. “I’m not going to sleep for days.”

Much like folks in Ann Arbor, Mich., and Gainesville, Fla., but for very different reasons.


p/s – this is tragic:

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza (Reuters) – Hussein Kafarneh is a muezzin without a mosque.

For nearly 30 years he led the traditional call to prayer at Beit Hanoun’s al-Nasser shrine, one of the oldest mosques in Gaza, climbing the twisting steps to the top of the white stone minaret five times a day.

His father did the same for 40 years before him.

Then, on November 3 this year, as Israeli forces pursued an offensive in Gaza, they clashed with Palestinian militants holed up inside and nearby the mosque, using it as cover.

A dramatic stand-off ensued, with Israeli tanks aiming their barrels toward the shrine and around 60 well-armed militants firing rounds back toward the Israelis.

I blame both sides.

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  1. on 03 Dec 2006 at 22:56 Abdullah Gul

    [ADMIN: suspected impersonator with nick GaryWBush, Musa, Gul etc. Kindly ignore: see ]

    Can you tell us why do you blame both sides? Don’t you know that in Islam, there is always only one side that is correct and another side that is wrong.

    My observation tells me that the Sunnis are wrong as they sent terrorists into a mosque and used that mosque to try to attack Israelis. As such, that mosque is no longer considered a mosque but a fort in a war zone. As such, the Israelis have right to destroy that “mosque” and the terrorists inside it. This is the only way to save their own lives.

    In Malaysia, we had the UMNO-controlled police and army sent to destroy a surau in Kampung Barembang using bulldozers. They had to do so since that surau was harbouring terrorists from PAS.

  2. on 04 Dec 2006 at 08:48 gee

    Looks like we might just play each other at Pasadena if the projected polls are to be believed.

  3. on 06 Dec 2006 at 22:43 Hafiz

    gee: yeah. Well, see you guys at the Rose Bowl.

    abdullah: The sunni didn’t “send” “terrorist” into the mosque. The militants came uninvited. And it’s a 13th century mosque.

    About Barembang, they were UMNO supporters.

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