[2490] Gallic gall

I am not saying anything bad about the French. I love the French. Close friends know how much I mean that. I am only quoting this just because the last sentence is witty.

Hermès, however, says that selling a sari in India is not taking coals to Newcastle. Rather, it wants to ”connect with Indian tradition and elegance,” says Bertrand Michaud, president of Hermès India. And there is precedent, thanks to Hermès’ Marwari scarves (prints inspired by the rare horses of Jodhpur) and sari-dresses designed by Jean Paul Gaultier in spring 2008 when he was creative director of the brand. Those, however, were riffs; this is a more significant collection. ”It is like Indians selling wine in France,” sniffs one Indian style expert. ”To sell a sari in India takes Gallic gall.” [Saris from Paris? Financial Times. January 14 2012]

And no, I do not typically read the fashion section of the Financial Times or anything. I spotted a hot girl in sari on the front page (or somewhere) while reading about the debt negotiation in Greece. I then decided to skip Greece and turned to the fashion section instead. Sue me. I am a guy.

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