The Minerals and Space Colonization

Currently, crude oil reserve will only sustain us barely through half of the 21st century and it is only the matter of time until all of the minerals will finally be exhausted.

Nevertheless, Human will develop a way to dig even deeper to obtain more mineral. Mines will be built deep in the dark sea trenches. These mines will sustain Human needs when all ground mines are rendered useless.

Although these underwater mines will be prominent in the future scenario, with the ongoing developing aerospace technology, there will be no doubt that future minerals will be mined in outer space, both on Earth’s natural satellite and beyond. These mines will be the foundation of future space cities.

The need of more minerals will lead to the colonization of the Moon. The colonization of the Moon will without doubt be expensive but the advantage of it, by far suppress the economic burdens. During the “Age of Lunar Colonization”, there will be a point where the idea of transporting the water supply from Earth to Moon bases (that will become Moon cities) is unfeasible. In the end, the mining of water will be one of the main agenda. It is known now that there is ice cap somewhere at one of Moon’s poles. If this is not enough, perhaps Human will have to resort to technology that fusions hydrogen and oxygen together to produce the most precious elixir in the universe.

Once science allows Human to explore and travel farther in the cold space, the asteroids will be heavily mined. The asteroid belt will become the place for major mines in the Solar System.

Mars, Earth’s twin will also be the victim of Human expansion because the colonization of the fourth planet will promise a non-stop supply of resources. As time passes by, the notion of terraforming will come to mind. The process of terraforming will consume many years but the possibility of a new Earth will not stop Human from continuing with the process.

The other main reason for space exploration will be Earth inability to support Human’s exponential growth. With open space far becoming scarce, the only way to avoid conflict among the Human is a habitat expansion outside of Earth.

To be continued…

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