Two third of Earth surface is covered by water. Two third is such a large portion to be left unused and it goes unmentioned that human will scour for land in any way that is possible. They “reclaim” land for the sea and build skyscrapers to provide more space for their business. Between these two, land reclamation is the most destructive method. Not only it destroys the natural habitat of underwater creatures, it also diverts the natural flow of the ocean and in the end, causing great catastrophe to ecosystems such as swamp and beach.

This is why in the future, in the middle of the ocean, there will be great cities comparable to today’s major cities. The cities will stand under the sea level as well as floating in the middle of nowhere.

The underwater cities will be protected against the powerful water pressure by multiple great dome made out from some high pressure tolerance material. The cities might be built in ocean trenches or simply on shallow sea floor. Some of the cities, if it is huge enough and if the depth of the city is not so great, will reach the water surface and have the pleasure of sunlight to some extend. It will not be surprising to see the city of Singapore or Hong Kong to be both ground-based cities and underwater cities. The land problem there is so critical, in times to come, we might see of these cities’ structures to be built underwater, near its coast instead of seeing major land reclamation projects.

Between the underwater cities, transportation tubes will be constructed much as the same fashion as its ground counterpart plus a few technical details that enable it to survive the intense water pressure. Although there will be tubes, the main type of underwater vehicle will depend on rotor much as what is being use nowadays. These vehicles, submarine if you may, will be amphibious, allowing it to be operated on land (or in the tubes) and underwater.

Being under the water, the water pressure could be another method of producing clean energy and thus helping solving the problem of transporting the much needed electricity to the underwater world.

There will also be cities floating on the wave. It may well be exaggeration to call these Human’s habitat as city as the floating structure is just a large ship that are sailing all around the world. Like on land, almost everything is available for its residents. These ships will only come to shore to restock its supplies. This idea is not far fetch as even right now, the project of such magnitude is underway. Read all about it at Perhaps, the only time when these ships need not to call a port is when they are out of fresh fish supply.

To be continued…

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