The future that I dream of, an utopian dream.

Once in a while during those times when I was younger than today, the days when I would look into the clouds and think of something that will not relate to my problem in life, the days when a sleep could solve all of my problem, I had always dreamed of an elaborate future society. With details so minute in a scale, I could be God of an advanced populace, managing their life.

The future of which I dreamed of will be a total triumph for the environmentalism movement. The waste management will be so efficient that almost none of the waste, whether it is solid or not, will be recycled. The phrase “want not, waste not” will extinct.

The future holds so many hope and dream. Nightmare could also come true with nuclear holocaust or widespread conventional war. But looking at the bright side, it could be a utopian dream. Described below is my utopia, a situation where environmentalism (rather than democracy) is the crux of Human society.


First of the all, the cities of future time will be the main concentration of the Human society as it has for thousand of years. Since the cities contain ton of activities, pollution will be produced most there. To protect the global ecosystem, each city will have lofty towers that will function as supporting structures that will make sure that a city will be enclosed totally within a giant sphere. This sphere is not a physical object but rather, a shield, a cell’s wall that will function a lot like a plant’s membrane that will allow osmosis or more accurately, reverse-osmosis-styled process. The shield will have the ability to filter out any harmful gases or particles from crossing it. This will form an isolated system for a particular city.

All the pollution produced by the city will be recycled or at least being reprocessed locally. For instance, any gas produced by a plant will not be given the right to pass through the shield membrane. This in turn will make a waste build up in the city. For this reason, the processing ability must be both fast and efficient. The rate of the waste processing ability must be at least equal to the pollution that is being produced. It is essential to have a sure ability of pollution reprocessing before the shield is constructed. To ensure this, every polluting entity will have its own pollution eliminator.

In addition, having an enclosed environment for the city will allow the administration of the city to control the condition of the city. To obtain that capability, the shield should have the power to filter the amount of radiation that is allowed to pass through the shield. Having a shield that will sort out both particles and radiation could be hard. Therefore, the shield should have two layers of membrane; one layer will act as a radiation shield while the other as a particle shield. With the ability to sort of radiation, light pollution and in effect, the problem of reprocessing all kind of pollutions will be solved.

If the shield could be seen by naked eye, it will probably not be geometrically hemispherical but rather will have an almost flat surface at the top. A few strong towers will support the shield from within the shield.


Secondly, the issue of transportation will be addressed. Ground transportation will mostly be based on magnetic technology, such as the current Maglev train in France. There will be magnetic track in tubes running in the city from one end to another. Tire will be placed by magnetic field generator that will allow vehicles to move forward, backward etc without friction on the track. The vehicles will need not to be fed with fuel but instead, it will run on electricity thus generating no byproduct with the likes of sulphur or carbon dioxide.

The power source of the vehicle will be produced from the movement of the vehicles relative to the track. Nevertheless, there will be some vehicles that will have hover capabilities. Hovering capabilities will allow the driver to travel off the track.

Most likely, the city will only depends on public transportation, not like the present time. The public transportation will be efficient, running 24 – 7. The need to have a personal vehicle will be eliminated although the production of such a vehicle will not be prohibited.
For inter-cities transportation, there will a huge tube connecting cities much like today’s highways. These tubes will also act as pipe lines, power lines and communication lines.


As mentioned above, these tubes will produce electricity. So, while the tubes are serving the populace as a mean of clean transportation, it will also act as a clean, enormous power generator. This idea will make power failure almost unimaginable since these tubes are omnipresent in the city.

Tomorrow’s power plants will be clean-based plant, neither producing harmful gases and particles like coal power plant nor destroying to habitat of animals like hydroelectric power plants. Instead, fusion will play an important role in providing electricity. Solar panels will be placed in the hot blazing barren deserts and wind turbines will be placed in places where strong wind is prevalent, usually in the middle of the seas, like what is being plan somewhere in North Atlantic Sea near Europe. Some of the energy will also be produced in the orbit of Earth and beam down to a receptor on Earth. As a summary, clean energy will dominate the energy market.

To be continued…

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