I initially had a webpage on Geocities. I did not update it too often and the content was very basic because it was a hassle to keep changing the page all the time. I was also new to HTML.

Then Blogger came along. Less coding and more writing.

I started to write, or blog, more frequently until my blog was getting too big for the whatever system Blogger was using to become reliable. Posting an entry was an extreme pain.

After thinking long and hard, I migrated to WordPress. Blogger did improve later but the boat has sailed.

I have been on WordPress for roughly five years now and it has been great. Everything is seamless. If there is any problem, I can almost immediately solve it by myself without relying on tech support. Customization is easy and the plugins are rich and awesome. I am in almost complete control of the whole blog, save my dependency on my web host, which I am thinking of changing due to its

The introduction of Widget made my life online far, far more convenient that I care to remember. I no longer have to add code lines, which is always a messy affair for an amateur like me. All I needed to do are upload some files and click enable. The plugin will be online soon after.

And for the past few weeks, the introduction of Jetpack has made it even more convenient.

I am unsure why I love Jetpack so much. I could install the plugins by myself and Jetpack only aggregates those plugins. Furthermore, I already have the plugins that I want. So, big deal.

Yet, it is giving me a lot of satisfaction using WordPress. Right now, I am in the process of deleting redundant plugins that are independent of the ones provided in Jetpack.

Maybe that is it. It makes the whole business cleaner.

And I like clean. And I love WordPress.

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  1. on 02 Sep 2011 at 15:26 Izzatina

    Blogger just got a new user interface.

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