College football season typically begins  in September when the fall semester starts in the US. On this blog, the season begins early. And the subject of the first post on college football this season is not about the University of Michigan. Rather, it is about the lesser entity, the Ohio State University!

Tressel of Ohio State University has resigned from his position as the coach of the Buckeyes. As a proud Wolverine, I can only feel great elation.

Tressel resigned yesterday after allegations of impropriety surfaced within the Buckeyes team:

Ohio State University’s football coach, Jim Tressel, resigned Monday as a blitz of allegations of rules violations cast a lengthening shadow over one of the nation’s most prominent college sports programs.

Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel, right, with quarterback Terrelle Pryor during a spring game April 23.

“After meeting with university officials, we agreed that it is in the best interest of Ohio State that I resign,” Mr. Tressel, 58, said in a statement.

The current controversy came to light in December when Ohio State announced the suspension of several Buckeye players, including quarterback Terrelle Pryor. The school said the players had violated National Collegiate Athletic Association rules by selling memorabilia and receiving discounted tattoos from a local tattoo-parlor owner. [Darren Everson. Hannah Karp. Ohio State’s Coach Tressel Quits Amid NCAA Probe. Wall Street Journal. May 30 2011]

On Twitter, sports column at the Wall Street Journal Jason Gay wrote, “Congratulations to the University of Michigan on the bid for the 2011 Schadenfreude Bowl!”


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