It is easy to dismiss any grand statement made by PKR nowadays. This is not at all unreasonble, unfortunately. PKR has a reputation of boasting to either boost its members’ morale or to attain higher ground while negotiating with other parties, allies or foes alike. Its claim that there would be a change of federal government on September 16 a few year ago is the epitome of they are capable . What happened in Sarawak solidifies PKR’s dented reputation. Now, PKR Selangor is stating that it is it is confident of winning two thirds majority in the state.

Whether that confidence is grounded in reality or in the clouds, I think it is wise for them to not make any claim colored by exuberant confidence any more. Talk is cheap and a person’s reputation can only suffer so much.

For the party to be taken more seriously, it needs to repair its reputation by proving its capability, rather than talking it up only to have the balloon pricked by a pin. By doing more and talking less, perhaps the party can build up its fast depleting reservoir of credibility. PKR needs to do this quickly because the gap in its reputation is substantial.

Although PKR is becoming a laughing stock each time its leaders open up their mouth — observe their justification for their selfishness in Sarawak; while the breakthrough is encouraging, the overall result is disappointing and the denial is astonishing — this is no laughing matter for those who believe in competitive democracy.

PKR is an important component of Pakatan Rakyat. For better or for worse, it is the leader of Pakatan Rakyat. As a leader, its reputation reflects the whole pact. PKR should not abuse its reputation as it is abusing right now. That is most unfair to other members of the pact.

Furthermore, in a country with history rich of opposition coalition breakup, the solidarity of Pakatan Rakyat should not be taken for granted by PKR. An asset can become a liability. There will be a point where PKR stops becoming an asset to other members of Pakatan Rakyat.

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