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[6] Of exam and freedom

Exams… I should go and sit in front of my lovely wooden desk instead of clicking and typing in front of this crude machine.

Exams… I should think of heat anthropy of water instead of trying to build in new external page for my newly founded website. This site is not even worthy to be called of a website.

Exams… I should be revising my mathematics instead of revising my html.

Damn… I missed my maghrib.

Damn… There are no music classes for the winter term.

Damn… It’s predicted that snow will be falling tomorrow. least I’ll have my vengeance on Azwan once the annual West Quad-South Quad Snow War is declared.
Lets blog a little.

Freedom. Our most cherish right. I love freedom, the thing that I am currently enjoying at this real moment. The United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights clearly states the every human has a right to freedom. Freedom simply means the ability of one to do anything that he or she likes regardless what others think. Freedom…

Although I do believe in freedom, I dare to bet my head that total freedom is a fantasy. I do believe in freedom but I certainly don’t trust total freedom and I am grateful that total freedom is a non-existence in this world. Back in my country, some particular populace have voiced out the lack of freedom of speech and press.

Well, I do agree that there is a lack of that kind of freedom in my country but it is for the country own good. It’s not that it is my dream for George Orwell’s 1984 to become a reality. It’s just that the local populace, while demanding freedom, are not responsible in exercising it. They demand every right that they can think of but after successfully seizing it, they begin to misuse it.

That’s why, in my opinion, the local government suppress the freedom of expression and the freedom of the press to a certain degree. I certainly don’t want the people of my beloved country to kick each other’s ass just because some stupid jerk made an interesting statement in the press. I certainly don’t want some bastards to make the traffic in my hometown to come to a stand still just because they aren’t happy with some court ruling. Imagine, getting stuck in a car for a couple of hours just because some dodos are shouting out loud in the middle of the street. And when somebody says it is not right to do that, they say that it is their rights. Yeah! stripping in the middle of a street is also a freedom of expression but noooo…they say that stripping in the middle of the public is against the society’s norms… talks about hypocrisy.

Tody has invited me to pay the Gophers a visit for this coming winter holiday. I have decided to agree with his plan but I’m still in doubt. I want to get out from Ann Arbor because I hate snow. Getting out of Ann Arbor for a while will be nice but going farther north? That’s crazy.

One of my American friends, was excited when he heard I said that I’ll be going somewhere for the holidays. Guess what the word he used when he heard that I would be paying Minneapolis a visit?

“Are you crazy?”

Well, I guess I am. I myself don’t know why I’ll be heading north for winter. I should be heading for SOUTH, not NORTH. Maybe I should take a hammer and knock some senses into my eccentric brain. I should be watching the Wolverines beating up someone else’s ass in Miami instead of watching the Gophers play some snowball fight in Minneapolis…

By Hafiz Noor Shams

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