In one of DAP’s rallies in Kuching, a fiery orator accused SUPP as a party of orangutans. It was a good laugh. Although the accusation is not within the realm of straight mature politics, it is hardly a major point of the orator’s speech. The orangutan statement was made in passing. The major issues were abuse of power and corruption.

Several days later, a band of SUPP and BN supporters, along with SUPP candidates for Kuching seats came to the headquarters of DAP to protest against the labeling of SUPP as a party of orangutans. A size of the protest was greater than the average size SUPP has managed to attract so far to their political rallies.

Imagine that. Of all things to voice out, SUPP chooses the orangutan as the main issue. Not land, not electrification of rural areas, not water supply, not road condition, not freedom of conscience, not loss of green cover, not abuse of power, not…

One word: petty. It is petty but SUPP is making it their main issue for this state election.

A petty party deserves to become an irrelevant party.

How did DAP handle the pettiness of it all?

They sent in a full-size mascot of Ubah the Hornbill to greet the SUPP protesters.

One Response to “[2347] SUPP the Petty Party”

  1. on 15 Apr 2011 at 13:33 Bobby

    Hahaha, this has got to the funniest story of the election yet!
    Remember to enjoy the terubok while you’re there.

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