Earlier today, Nokia launches a product that might trigger the death of phone. According to Reuters:

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Nokia, the world’s biggest mobile phone maker, unveiled a new version of its Internet tablet device running Google Talk communications software on Tuesday.

The deal between Nokia and Web search leader Google Inc. allows people to chat with other users of instant-messaging software via the Nokia Wi-Fi device, which relies on short-range wireless networks.

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, introduced last year, offers wireless access to digital music and video, as well as access to e-mail.

But it is not a phone, and relies on unregulated local wireless connections rather than cell-phone networks.

Over four years ago, I blogged about the internet is replacing the phone.

If I remember correctly, a person disagreed and said that in emergency, the phone will still be in need. Well, what he didn’t consider was the fact that computers are becoming smaller, becoming more versatile than convergences, introduction of VoIP and proliferation of Wi-Fi.

The Nokia tablet, which is a computer, equipped with Google Talk, which allows voice communication over the internet, is justifying that four years old entry of mine.

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  1. on 16 May 2006 at 09:01 Mr Duh

    the replied the one below first and post a 2nd one here. i am flying off to beijing early June. bitch, come visit.

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