It has been a while since I last wrote anything in my diary or in this page.

The week had been somewhat a depressing gaming week. First of all, I accidentally deleted my favorite game of all time – Civilization 3. The next worse thing that could happen happened. Here is the story.

I was playing Alpha Centauri as a Gaian. Of all the factions, the Green is my favorite because I myself am a moderate supporter of green movement. I was on an island alone with a fanatic Fundamentalist who wishes to spread the idea that the Church must rule the Planet. Hah, I should use wished instead of wishes. My ideology was the environmentally-concerned democratically society who thinks power is the only way to save the Planet from further environmental disasters from happening. Through that, I made a lot of enemies and little friends.

In the first few decades, I expanded at a fast rate until I met up with the fundamentalist lunatics. My first impression of them was fairly good but their bases location made my expansion policy ran disarray. So, deep in my heart, I want to get rid of these maniacs. That hope seems to be vanquished but later after a few years, the unexpected happened.
The Fundamentalists leader threatened me. They were mad because I was the ally of the United Nations movement and I was upholding democracy against God’s will. I was certainly delighted to hear those threats for at the same time, I was searching for a reason to start a quarrel with them. Snatching the chance, I simply pushed their demands aside and thus, the expulsion of the Fundamentalist immediately began. I was more than ready to overrun them.

My rovers were all set for war mode. They invaded the Church faction lands and quickly overcame their pathetic defense. Consequently, I gained half of their land-based bases before they managed to say “Oh my God!!!” (Janice’s style). By the time it was their turn to move, I expected them to liberate a few key cities but my expectation was wrong. Instead, they made a cease fire offer of which I refused. They were infuriated by my decision and said something like “We’ll destroy you while you are prancing nakedly among the trees”.

Later, it turned out that they were merely bragging as I conquered all of their land based cities without even sweating but that was not the end. The Academicians were worried of my expansionist ideology and told me to stop expanding eastward. I complied with their request seeing that I need to rebuild my military after such a huge expansion in such a short time frame.

All the same, it was not long until the Academicians started to become an annoyance. Like flies, they built their water cities and stole my precious resources in the east. Eager to reclaim those minerals that were rightfully mine, I sent an expedition against the Church so the that possibility of the Church launching a surprise attack while we reclaim our resourses from the University will be eliminated. A few beating later, the Church surrendered and agreed to be my servant. Before accepting their surrender, I persuaded them to make those unbelieving Academicians reach hell first. Desperate for a peace treaty, they mindlessly declared a holy war against the Academicians. Back in Gaia’s Landing, the Greens government seat, I was laughing evilly, like Satan after a successful “persuasion”.

The University was more resilient than the Church. Instead of seeing the Academicians’ influence diminished, the Church was reduced to a mere whipping dog. Pushed against the walls, the Church sent a representative to me asking for help. They were angry seeing me dancing nakedly among the green trees while they were fighting for their lives. After much urging from them, I said to myself it is time to reclaim those natural resources and use it for sustainable growth, not for excessive modernization that could repeat the mistake that the Human did back on planet Earth.

The first phase was initiated by the bombing of the Academicians’ water cities. They were caught by surprise and unready because their forces were concentrating on their northern enemy and never had they considered a western threat. The Green Air Force swept through the University sphere of influence and took all the University’s water cities near to our eastern shore. Victory was achieved but the Academicians were not the as weak as the Fundamentalists. They technological advanced society is liken to of a bee hive and one should never disturb a bee hive if one doesn’t want to be stung. Our victory was achieved due to the University’s water cities distance from their western shore and the fact that their forces were looming over the northern front against the Church but with the Church weakened, I realized my time of defeat will come if I keep on pressing eastward.

Furthermore, a new threat from the south had emerged. The United Nations had just declared war against the industrious Hive society. Fighting at two fronts was not included in my plan of expansion. Therefore, I made a decent proposal of peace to the University. The University, realizing that the militarist Spartan was intensifying their expansionist policy in the south keenly accepted my offer and thus peace was restored in the northern region for decades to come.

But unfortunately, that peace was giving way to the wind of war that was blowing as powerful as a typhoon from the south.

[To be continued…]

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