I have finally forced myself to get out and walk around the city. It is a good distraction from some personal matters.

Some rights reserved. By Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams.

That bridge is called the Anzac Bridge. It is located slightly to the west of the famous Harbour Bridge. The central business district of Sydney is in the background. That body of water is called the Blackwattle Bay.

I live quite close to the shore and I like it.

And I like this photo as well. It is a little bit special compared to the other photos I have posted on this blog.

A friend of mine has been encouraging me to shoot in raw mode. And I took her advice. This is the first raw mode photo I have posted here.

I am unsure of the difference between raw and jpeg by looking at the photo. I wish I had another shot of the same scene in jpeg format so that I could compare. Allegedly, raw mode stores wider range of colors.

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