Israel has always been in the spotlight. But rarely have its actions compelled friendly countries to speak out against it. The assassination in Dubai carried out by the Israeli secret service has hurt its ties with a number of important countries which it maintains good relations with; these countries are angry that their passports were forged by the Israeli secret service. Recent attack on an aid convoy to Gaza by Israeli commandos looks to worsen those relationships even further.

The convoy sought to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza and deliver aids to Palestinians there. Faced with a hardened military, I doubted the convoy would be successful. Just months ago, another convoy attempted to deliver aids to Gaza. It failed because Israel simply would not let them in. It is hard to imagine how another convoy would be any more successful than the last.

Due to its limited chance of success, a convoy like this is more of a political maneuver instead of a humanitarian one. Let us be honest. Those on board the convoy are not aid workers. They are activists. Not that it is a bad thing to apply political pressure. It has its uses but it is what it is.

A refusal to let the convoy pass, although unfortunate, is a completely understandable action taken by Israel, even if it is a disagreeable one. To attack the convoy however, is beyond comprehension.

The attack that has left at least ten dead. It is senseless. It is a gross overreaction on the part of Israel.

Israel deserves to be criticized harshly for that. An action should be taken against Israel but realistically, that will not happen.

I do not think this would cause a break in Israeli diplomatic relationship with major countries. But the criticism directed at Israel so far has been quite sharp.

Immediately upon learning of the attack on the convoy, multiple countries like France, Greece, Spain and Sweden have summoned Israeli ambassadors, demanding an explanation. Turkey, one of very few countries with Muslim majority progressive enough to have diplomatic line with its southern neighbor, has recalled its ambassador.

In the background, Israel’s relationship with the US ever since Obama came into the Oval Office has not been as warm as it typically used to be. Down under with respect to the forgery fiasco, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said, “…Australia would not regard that as the act of a friend“. Australia recently expelled a senior Israeli diplomat involved in the issue. There is popular support for expulsion.

And on Australian TV today, videos of Israeli military storming the convoy boat received front-page treatment. It is on the front-page of the online version of the New York Times and Financial Times. I wonder what this morning dead tree editions will look like.

The result from the attack on the convoy simply cannot be good for Israel. There is already inertia against Israel. The attack adds more momentum in the wrong direction for Israel.

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