I watched Ajax played against Arsenal last night. Somehow, the match reminds me of why I like Ajax in the first place � huge but local, young yet technically skillful, a darkhorse but feared by many. But Ajax has always have problems with its finishing ever since Ibrahimovic and Mido left. This was hurtfully apparent last night.

Arsenal’s first goal was swift and punishing. I’d wish Ajax hadn’t been so relaxed.

Arsenal’s second goal is another story altogether. It was a penalty and it’s definitely a lie. Reyes dived in the penalty box and even the commentators cast doubt on the referee’s decision to award Arsenal a penalty kick. Even if the decision were appropriate, Reyes was offside and the linesman had clearly raised his flag. Somehow, the ref chose to ignore that.

When Ajax’s captain, Tomas Galasek tried to talk to the ref about that penalty, the ref refused to listen. Instead, Galasek was booked with a yellow card. Some of Ajax’s fans at Ajaxtalk.nl mourn that the ref was biased to his fellow countryman, Reyes about that penalty. I don’t know about that but I know the ref sucks.

Immediately after the penalty, Ajax’s then rushed to Arsenal’s penalty box and scored.

Yet, it wasn’t enough and again, the statistics – possession, number of shots, corners – is not reflected in the result. Cruel as it is, only the final result that matters in the end. Realization of this cruelty is what most Ajacieds – fans, players and coaches alike – are unable to grasp on.

The game itself was entertaining despite I was clearly frustrated. Nevertheless, Ajax players were fantastic and exciting. Babel, Pienaar, Rosenberg, Galasek and Boukhari did a lot of good stuff to the ball. Ajax as a team played great passing and attacking style. Yet, it never really managed to cash in on its many opportunities that it created so elegantly.

If only Ajax has another Ibrahimovic, Ajax could be a force to reckon with. It’s clear that many of Ajax players like Sneijder, Pienaar and other that I’ve mentioned earlier are maturing into great players.

p/s – a guy talking about World Animal Day in Malaysia. Or lack of.

pp/s – this entry also reminds me why I hate Italian teams so much.

ppp/s – Michigan clinched third place in WSC. Dutch Nuna 3 secured first place while Australian Aurora 101 managed second.

2 Responses to “[617] Of beautiful Ajax without a finish”

  1. on 28 Sep 2005 at 01:25 Desparil

    u an ajax fan? not that common in malaysia. i liked ajax too, back when van der sar was still there.. somehow they still manage to play good football eventhough their stars are continuously being ‘poached’ by the other bigger clubs.

  2. on 28 Sep 2005 at 01:45 hisyam

    i’m an arsenal fan but have been dissapointed with their performance so far. i admire ajax with their talent since a years ago. it’s sad to know how arsenal win the match that way but i can’t say much since a win in europe is what arsenal needed.
    if only ajax have a strong financial status and can keep their players they will be a powerful team in europe.

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