So, here is the breakdown.

Umicore, which showed promise to dominate the solar car race here in Australia earlier, has crashed and is out of commission. Everybody from the team is fine, fortunately.

Another great team Aurora has problem too and is not in the top five.

Tokai is sprinting away from the rest with Michigan in the second place. Nuon is fast catching up with Michigan. At one time, Nuon was only 10 minutes behind Michigan.

You can see Nuon’s obsession with Michigan in the following video.

The race is now slightly over half way through.

My expectation is that Tokai is likely to finish first. As shown at the end of the video, the Japanese are simply too far ahead. The Sydney Morning Herald’s yesterday report corroborates this by stating that Tokai was 70 km ahead of Michigan.

Second and third places are up for grab between Michigan and Nuon. Nuon’s progress is definitely impressive given that they suffered a crash earlier. This further demonstrates why Nuon is a great team.

Whatever it is, Go Blue!

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