I’m currently preparing for a guild raid on Oxynia. Oxynia is a dragon, an terrible one, in the World of Warcraft. There are two more steps that I need to take before the most anticipated event by my guild, Sanct, in this MMORPG start. Sanct is probably one of the largest guilds on server Destromath, with nearly 250 characters. Up-to-date, 40 guild members have pledged to meet up at 13:45 PST.

My preparation started nearly two days ago. Yesterday was the day when I sat in front of my computer, with the game loaded, for nearly 15 hours straight trying to get everything right. It was crazy feeling – started just after noon and ended roughly four o’clock in the morning in the next day – at the end of the session, my eyes couldn’t open anymore, my left arm tendon that was badly damaged started to feel different (like it was going to fall off) and worst of all, my ass hurt.

A 15-hour of continuous game play is no joke. I skipped my lunch, took my dinner in front of the game and even almost slept on the keyboard. If I could take a leak on my chair, I’d have probably done that too.

After this, I plan to read The Onyxia Bible thoroughly and then log back into a world where killing is encouraged and the economy is messed up.

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