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[502] Of Thrall’s going to kick our collective ass

The reason why World of Warcraft is currently the best MMORPG of all time and why it is a bestselling game.

Though I was not in that successful raid of the filthy Orc’s capital as shown in the video, I did join another raid on the same city yesterday. Result?

That’s me. Dead. Another many others.
One problem with huge raid is leadership. Most of the times, while the voice of the mentats can easily be heard prior to an attack, as the time progresses and the target in sight, voice of the leader will usually lost among the noise. Once that happened, a few will rise up to try to take up the leadership. And if none stepped up, the raid is doomed to fail.

In yesterday raid, the initial leader failed to assert his control over time and thus, a few others took the initiative to lead. It was great but the raid was a failure despite the majority of us managed to get behind enemy line and be inside the throne room.

Reason for failure – the lack of obsessive-compulsive behavior. People just gave up.

The plan for the raid was impressive nonetheless. In total, in maximum estimate, 80 people were involved, with at most half were high level players. Two groups were form. One was the main driver while the other was a diversionary force.

It was too complex to be done with large number of people with too short a time. I had my doubt at first though I didn’t voice it. A paladin however did voice his doubt. But a person remark to the paladin, in all hilarity, “of all persons, it’s a paladin that’s having doubt”.

The push against the enemy line was hard. We were confronted from the north and after half an hour, from the south too, making any strategic retreat impossible. Luckily, we managed to break loose after a few tries thanks to the help of the diversionary force. Our back was covered by the secondary column and thus, we were able to concentrate on the major front.

A tribute to taurenslayer, the initiator of the raid and errik for taking up the torch. Also, to all Horde that died valiantly… in their own capital.

p/s – to modem users, don’t even think of clicking on that link. It’s 91 MB.

By Hafiz Noor Shams

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