[3] Of Wizard of Oz and sore loser

I saw The Wizard of Oz just now. Yeah, the classic movie which won a lot of Oscars. Now I remember where I heard that familiar “Somewhere over the rainbooooooww…where the skies are blue…where the dreams that you dare to dream do come true”.It’s Dorothy singing the song. Sweet. You know what I’ve learned from that movie? I’ve learned that all of us do have some hidden abilities. It’s just that we don’t know it. We just need to explore ourselves a little bit further. If we are going to be lucky, we’ll find something new inside ourselves. What the heck, it’s just a stupid motion picture but I still like it. It’s a classic. Nevertheless, Star Wars is the the best. Trekkies suck a lot.

Well, I bought a new shoe today. It’s Etnies and it cost me about only 30 bucks. The initial price was $89 but the price really went down after a year in the market. Well, it’s a nice shoe and I like it. A real value for my money. I was about to buy a Nike’s Air shoe at about $64.99 but due to my superior consumer conscience, I spent a few hours in a mall called Briarwood Mall (it’s a mall in Ann Arbor) just to find a nice shoe with a nice price tag. My virtuous effort paid off. Hmmm…talk about practicing what I’ve learned in Commerce at the Malay College. I bet Mr. Mastor will be proud of me. :)

Somebody called me a sore loser today. Well, because this is my domain, I can write whatever I like here whether the grammar is right or not. By the way, I am above gramm’e’r. but being too tired to argue with him, I’ll take a third party view of the situation. It all start when this one guy posted the glorious phrase of “Muck Fischigan” at a mailing list. I was definitely pissed off by that statement. Talking about taking the stance of “holier than thou”. Well, as time passed by, I learned that U of Mich has a respectable football team (I must stress here that football doesn’t mean soccer. American does play a lot of weird stuffs. They call their baseball tournament a world series when only the American plays it. Cricket, baseball…football, soccer). So, I made a statement “Action speaks louder than words”. And he got pissed off. I was definitely happy with my ability to rise his blood pressure. And, what made me happier was Michigan defeated that particular university 46-20(after that guy said that his university is the greatest, better than anybody’s…I guess God is nothing to him coz he is the greatest, right?) . I kept quiet after that.
Unfortunately, in the end, they managed to have the last laugh as that “great university” instead of us managed to earn a place in the BCS. The Wolverine was defeated by the Buckeyes 26-26. I kept quiet about that too. But, hey he was happy with that and I definitely am not happy with that result but like what he said, it’s just football. But noo, he must make a fuss about making to the BCS’ bowl. I. as usual, will only open my mouth when action, speaks again. So, hell. At least it’s nice to know that we have been in the Bowl a lot of time compare to that university. What am I talking about. I’m scraping it.

By Hafiz Noor Shams

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