I had an economic class yesterday and we discussed about the economic of global warming. In the middle of lecture, the fire alarm went off and all of us had to go out, standing in the cold.

I hate to be literally left in the cold. Meanwhile the sun was shining brilliantly. Thus, it was only logical for me to be where the heat was.

It’s already December and seeing the sun is a privilege at this time of the year.One weird thing about this photo is the way the red spots are being aligned matrix-like. It’s been awhile since I troubled myself with electromagnetic wave so I don’t really know why the photo is the way it is. Might be diffraction since the Sun got through an opening between two buildings. But again, I don’t see how that produces spots instead of lines.

And yeah, Ajax manages to scrap through the ravages of Champions’ League. Instead of being kicked out, Ajax is now in the UEFA Cup competition.

p/s – I’m a Rosalesist. Rosales is certainly Ajax’s best purchase this season, yet.

pp/s – In Utopian server of World of Legend, currently, things are getting very interesting. A relatively small problem between two smaller groups of players has swollen to a major war between a coalition of alliances against a group of coalition of players.

The conflict started when a few people were left unsatisfied being bottom-fed by a group of players of whom have mutual assistance pact declared on each other. These groups of people called themselves LiVE. The disgruntled players then announced their intention of stopping bottom-feeding and they started to recruit people and kingdoms into their cause. The recruitment was a success and they formed a group known as DiE. It is no brainer that the name DiE was made in jest to LiVE.

Eh. Kids.

Everything was relatively okay because at first, with all the exchanges of words and actions were only done in between them. Then, DiE targeted a kingdom named Ss enTA LiVE which is a part of LiVE and a member of Taure ‘n Arvandor (TA). Ss enTA LiVE has received more than 100 attacks per day, something I have never heard of before in Utopia. TA then stepped in to help their member. Furthermore, Ss enTA LiVE is TA‘s flagship.

The first thing TA did was to send a few diplomats to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, the diplomats were threatened and in some cases, were assaulted. From here, everything went astray. Alliances normally perceive an attack on a diplomat as the most dishonorable action one can commit in a conflict.

While all of these happened, TA has mutual assistance pact (MAP) with The Black Horde (TBH) , Nation of Hope (NH) , UC, DT (Divine Titan) and the United Angels (UA). TA has invoked its mutual assistance pact with all of its allies. I am a member of UA.

TBN, NH and UA are alliances sitting on the upper echelon of Utopia. As in right now, NH and UA have declared to commit themselves to their MAP with TA. And thus, the biggest coalition ever gathered is formed against DiE.

I am only thankful that I am with the larger side. It would suck to be with DiE.

More on the issue is in a Utopia Temple‘s forum thread of “DiE vs. LiVE, and all the friends inbetween“.

p/s – I’ll miss this place. I wish I don’t have to graduate.

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