I have not been posting pictures for a very long time. The reason for that is a certain photography shop — ah, hell, I will just name it; Foto Flash — is taking a very long time to send it to Nikon and service my DSLR.

In the meantime, I have to settle with my old trusty Fujifilm A303. That is a very old point-and-shoot camera; it is the camera before I migrated to D40.

This is the first photo by A303 after more or less 2 years, I think.

Some right reserved.

This is not an entertaining book due to its long proses but it is enlightening anyway. I do not however agree with some that Mill writes, especially with bias towards religion. Somehow, he makes exception for his religion what he outlines for others.

Regardless, I will be in Penang next week and I need my DSLR. If Foto Flash does not return my D40 in time, I may be in need of a new DSLR. At the moment, I am looking at D60. To do that, I might sell my D40 to subsidize my upgrade.

I will be leaving for Australia in the first or the second week of July. So, I need to get it off my hand rather quickly. I am thinking of selling my D40 in between RM1,000 and RM1,500. That is between half and 3/4 of the price I bought it for. Along with it are the charger, the CD, the manual and the kit len. If you are lucky, I might throw in a tripod for you too.

So, anybody want to buy my D40?

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  1. on 07 Jun 2009 at 14:44 moo_t

    The street price for brand new D40 with kit lens(if there is remaining stock) are RM1499. BTW, Nikon service center is around Jalan 222, PJ.

  2. on 11 Jun 2009 at 23:22 Karuna

    Keep your camera as a spare. If u want an upgrade get a D90 (RM3688 RSP by Nikon) as a D60 is similiar to D40, D40X, or if you want to invest in a “good” model go for a D300 (RSP RM5688 – Body Only RSP by Nikon)

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