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[435] Of case for a Malaysian intervention in southern Thailand

Things seem to be heading for the worse close to home.

A few days ago, a few Buddhists were killed as revenge to the unnecessary death of roughly 80 Muslims in southern Thailand. I don’t see the problem subsiding as everyday since the trouble was aggravated has been marred with death related to the issue.

Some in Malaysia have voiced outrage over this. There were a few protests here and there and the most notable was recently held in front of the Thai embassy in Kuala Lumpur. No unwanted incident happened there but it does reveal that part of Malaysians, the Malay Muslims at least, are quite concerned with the development there. And it is not just Malaysia. Practically, every other Muslim nations have somewhat voiced their regret on Thailand’s mishandling of the issue. Even the United States expressed concerns.

What bothers me the most is not the mishandling per se but rather, I am worried with the nearness of the conflict to the Malaysian border and history. So far, most of regional conflicts have occurred well off Malaysian soil. Even when a conflict spilt into Malaysia as what had happened in Sabah a few years ago, it happens at a place where the population density is very low and the effect on Malaysia is negligible. If it gets worse, the worst thing that could happen is a diplomatic row, of which is kind of fun to participate in whenever it concerns Singapore. And whenever all that occur, I may only care for an issue without the fear of knowing Malaysia might become too entangled in it. To say the least, all the diplomatic issues that had risen in the past were much less of an issue when compared to the outbreak of the recent avian flu or the infamous Coxsackie virus.

But the resurfacing issue in southern Thailand brings a different kind of feeling to me. This is simply because the southern Thai states are more culturally similar to Malaysia than to Thailand. And in many ways, the issue affects Malaysia.

Mahathir on the other day suggested autonomy power being granted to the troubled states. It is a sensible option but the administration in Thailand quickly brushed the idea off the table and accused Mahathir of interfering with Thailand’s internal problem.

This is no doubt part of Thailand’s internal issue but it does concern Malaysia. It is similar to the situation when Russia had to drop its paratroopers into Belgrade during the NATO bombing in order to help the people that shared a trait of Russian culture. Malaysia can’t stand quiet while the undercurrent occurs. Malaysia must actively participate in this issue.

At the same time, with the mercury rising in southern Thailand. It is only comprehensible to expect the tension between the Muslims and the Buddhists there to be rather high. Muslims in Malaysia have expressed their opinion but the Malaysian Buddhists haven’t but I in no way expect the Buddhists to stay quiet if the Muslims overreact. However, I trust rationality will overcome any discomfort between Malaysian Muslims and Buddhists. But this possible misunderstanding in Malaysia provides the more reason for Malaysia to lend Thailand a hand.

Of course, Thailand will be outraged by this notion but Thailand must understand that the world is a continuous system. Something that happened somewhere, will affect something else somewhere else, regardless of the magnitude. Whatever Thailand chooses to do, Malaysia will be affected. Furthermore, local trade in the vicinity of the Malaysian and Thai border will hurt if things get worse. Without trade, development along the border will suffer. Local trade must flourish for the benefit of both Malaysians and Thais and for healthy trade to occur, cooperation towards peace is a must. Therefore, it is only acceptable for Thailand to allow a Malaysian intervention. Thailand cannot deny that.

In the near past, Malaysia has acted as a mediator in the region. Malaysia was the one that brokered a ceasefire between the Mindanao rebel and the Philippines government. Malaysia has also been of a help in Aceh and Myanmar. It would be uncharacteristic of Malaysia to not assist Thailand in this issue.

p/s – Totti is an arse.

By Hafiz Noor Shams

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[ADMIN: suspected impersonator with nick GaryWBush, Musa, Gul etc. Kindly ignore: see ]


You see how we Kafirs are getting united? Both PAS and Keadilan were crushed, and Keadilan, which claims to be a multi-racial party even uttered a racist remark “a return to chinese-led opposition….” which shows it is hardly multi-racial but just a sandiwara.

DAP, OTOH, is a real multi-racial party upholding kafir cause. While I dislike its Socialism as I am a kafir supremacist and wish there were kafir religious parties such as Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, and Christian parties, currently as there are none, DAP is our only choice for a Kafir-led Opposition to a Muslim-led government.

Is DAP racist? Hardly, and those who call DAP “chinese-led” are the real racists. DAP has always been kafir-led and karpal is an excellent example of a punjabi strongman of a chinese-majority party. DAP has also non-Muslim Malays (Sarawak).

Most non-Muslim Malays hate Muslim Malays as they know Malaysia favors Islam over Kufr.

KUFR RULES FOR EVER! It brought down the Ottoman Empire in 1924 and an end to 1000-years of Islamic Imperialism and Muslim colonial rule.

[ADMIN: suspected impersonator with nick GaryWBush, Musa, Gul etc. Kindly ignore: see ]

Thailand has the right to Buddhist supremacy because Malaysia too practises Muslim supremacy and Kafir (non-Muslim) inferiority. If Thai Muslim cannot accept that they deserve the ‘sword of Caesar’ as the Bible puts it as they commit evil. You think we care of Muslims and will give them special priveledges in a Kafir-majority land when Kafir-majority Penang, our non-Muslim brethren are treated like pariahs but the Muslim minority are given God-like treatment. When Penang gets autonomy and Malaysia apologises for its genocide ont the Parti Komunis Malaya [PKM] which was fighting Muslim imperialism and accedes to equality between Muslims and Kafir, then Thailand will also give. Until then, Thai Army has the right to fight the Muslim seperatists (as seperatism is a crime under Thai law) and use force (even excessive force) if necessary.

Mohd Hafiz, just one reminder, we Kafirs are getting united and see how Keadilan was crushed? DAP is currently the best party for non-Muslims irrespective of race. However, I would love the day we have our own religious parties. I love communal politics and I would love a Malaysian Buddhist Party backing Thaksin’s genocide on the Thai Muslims and their PULO and justifying it on grounds MALAYSIA (both PAS and UMNO) supported the genocide on the non-Muslim dominated Parti Komunis Malaya [PKM].

That will be the day, Muslims will learn! Look how Singapore BANNED the Islamic tudung but allowed the SIKH Turban? This is FUN. SPECIAL RIGHTS TO KAFIRS but not to Muslim. I love Singapore for spitting on Malaysia.

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