…and that is get the local mosques to tone it down.

In Saudi Arabia, they are doing just that:

Saudi Arabia is cracking down on overly loud loudspeakers used to call the faithful to prayer, as mosques increasingly drown each other out, the official SPA news agency said on Saturday. [Saudi cracks down on blaring mosque speakers. AFP. April 25 2009]

I do not know if the local mosques here in my area shout into the speakers with the intention of drowning out other mosques but one thing is for such, the call to prayer is too loud.

In my uneducated opinion, a call to prayer should be done politely in an unobtrusive manner. But how it is done in this part of Kuala Lumpur is as if the mosques are trying so hard to invite scone. Not just from the non-Muslims mind you. As a person generally uncomfortable with loud noise, be it in Zouk or by the highway, I find the calls to prayer are made with unholy loudness.

In these days of modern technology, a loud call to prayer is unnecessary.

In Michigan where I used to live, each county has the ability to broadcast emergency messages across all channel. It functions exactly like a radiowave jammer except that instead you really like to know if a tornado or a snowstorm is coming your wave. The call to prayer can be broadcasted the same way to make it suitable to local variables, given that each location has different time of prayer. Not to all channel of course because that would be almost as obtrusive as shouting into the loudspeaker.

But that require investment and some mosques are poor. What they could do is tone the call to prayer down instead of conspiring to give those living with the vicinity of those mosques a heart attack.

Shouting into the loudspeaker is really one of the reasons why a lot of people are unhappy with Muslims. And some people wonder why Muslims are not respected.

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