If life were measured in degree, I would have returned the starting line. I would have returned to the place where it all started, where it all begun.

December is fast approaching and I wish I could delay time, or at least lengthen my road to a bachelor degree till April 2005. What a wishful thinking.

I know what I want to do after graduation, at least temporarily. It will be World Wide Fund for Nature or maybe Greenpeace for real. I’ve been donating some money to them and I will want to donate more than money.

And I am in the final phrase of salvaging my summer plan. With about 2000 bucks in my pocket set aside for this, it will be depressing if this doesn’t go through.

Anyway, Top of the Park, Ann Arbor Summer Festival starts this Friday and will last well into July. This should be my last Festival. I have never missed it since I first got here, and I am not planning on missing this edition.

Let us celebrate summer as if this is the last summer ever!

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