Within UMNO circle, there is a belief that UMNO lost Kedah in the last general election because of the Mahathir effect. They are convinced that this is proven by the fact that his son Mukhriz won in the most unlikely location while the whole state went to the other side; Dr. Mahathir is a Kedah native.

At that time, Dr. Mahathir had serious disagreement with UMNO and the people of Kedah ā€” or at least UMNO Kedah ā€” were with him and not with an Abdullah-led UMNO. They voted accordingly on March 8 2008. Hence, UMNO lost.

Today, even with the Mahathir cavalry came marching in, UMNO could not overturn the underlying trend that is moving against UMNO. What today brings is a conclusion unfavorable to the hypothesis of the Mahathir effect. Perhaps, an even more ominous conclusion for Dr. Mahathir: he was irrelevant in that election in Kedah.

A simply eyeballing on Bukit Selambau’s numbers can easily statistically dismiss the Mahathir effect.

Thus, the end of Dr. Mahathir’s influence among Malaysians.

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