USA For Students, an education fair is on for this Saturday at Wisma MCA on Jalan Ampang. Come and visit us. In fact, do come and visit the Michigan booth. We are at Booth 19.

And I am also part of Michigan’s recruiting program (I am not sure what I am suppose to do yet; I am still unclear of how that happened too but people in the alumni association and the admission office want me to adopt a school in Malaysia; I am thinking the Malay College of course!). So, you may want to talk to me if you want to hate Ohio State for the rest of your lifetime!

Hating the Buckeyes is really an entertaining and fulfilling activity. Really. You can start practicing “I hate Buckeyes” by visiting this link and write 100 times “I hate Buckeyes” on every post written by Tim.

And damn you all Malaysian Wolverines, what have you done for your school lately?

Yeah, yeah. I am over-excited about it. But who can blame me? Just earlier this week, while in a meeting with a person tagging along with a visiting World Bank team, the person asked, “did you go to school?”

I do not what prompted that question (it is probably my supposedly youthful look — shaving does not help — which allegedly makes me looks like a teenage who is supposed to be in school) but when I said Michigan, he was shocked?

“The University of Michigan?” with wide eyes.

“Yea, Ann Arbor”.

And guess what he said after that: “Me too!”

And then it was all about Lloyd Carr and Coach Rodriguez!

Before he left, he said, “It is really good to see a fellow Wolverine, especially a Malaysian”. And this guy has never been to Malaysia. Ja, vie Woverin arr all oer ze vold!

It is like a sign with the phrase “Go Blue” all over it.

Okay, back to the usual programming involving dull subjects suitable for angry people.

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