At Mahaguru58, there is a failure to understand that relationship is reciprocal in nature. If one does not wish for others to interfere in one’s life, one should not interfere with others’.

The blogger wrote:

This is the concluding part of my dialogue with MENJ recently. I discussed with him regarding the current situation where Christians in Malaysia are prone to interfering into Islamic and Muslims affairs here since the change of leadership in the BN Government.

We who are Muslim Bloggers feel that this interference ought not be left to run its course by the Muslims of this land especially those from JAKIM who seem oblivious to all the growing number of Islamophobes here in Malaysia. [MENJ – MAHAGURU58 Dialogue Part 2 Final. Mahaguru58. January 30 2008]

He laments about Christians interfering in Muslim affairs. I say the issue is a non-starter and applies double standard. He would only have a moral authority to say such thing when he stops interfering in others’ individual affairs. That, of course, includes refrain from interfering in others’ religious freedom, be the individuals are Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, etc.

Respect goes both ways. Once the interference in individual liberty ceases, I am sure outsiders will stop interfering in Muslim affairs.

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  1. on 01 Feb 2008 at 13:14 moo_t

    IMHO, religion should ALWAYS be personal. When it go to the mass scale, it is no longer religion, it is call POLITICS, and to a extent, fascist politics.

    Alas, a 2000 years old philosopher has said,”When all the saints die, all bandits will vanish”. The thinking of “I am holier/better than you” saint thinking are no better than the “bad guys”.

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