Ron Paul has outdone Giuliani yet again. This time, it is in Michigan!

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It is good to remember that Michigan primaries is more important to the Republicans than to the Democrats. Indeed, unless the penalty on Michigan is removed, Clinton’s win is practically worthless. And it is good to note that Wastenaw, the country which Ann Arbor is situated in, is one of two counties that refuse to commit to anybody (read, Clinton), probably in protest of the penalty imposed on Michigan.

For the Republicans, three different candidates — Huckabee, McCain and Romney — have won three different primaries.

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  1. on 16 Jan 2008 at 15:54 sigma

    And that’s a good thing for all Democrats. The Republicans aren’t use to such open races. They’re now in disarray.

    All their major candidates puts off either one of the two main Republic factions: the pro-business and the religious Right.

    My picks for the GOP would be John McCain (although his age is a big drawback for me though, since people have expired when they hit 80-ish…)

    For the Democrats, I actually like Obama and Edwards in equal measures. Never liked Hillary. But I have grave doubts about Obama triumphing over his Republican opponent. Hence my dilemma…

  2. […] in Iowa. And yes, Ron Paul has outdone Giuliani for four out of five times now: Iowa, Nevada, Michigan and South Carolina all prefer Paul to Giuliani. […]

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