The price of that thing you wanted to buy is RM8.95. You give out a RM10.00 bill. You get a RM1.00 bill in return. There is a 5 sen coin missing, but why fuss over it? It is only 5 sen.

Except, it happens way too often and the one getting the extra 5 sen are big corporations like McDonald’s and Aeon. I do not cite these two names as generic examples. I cite them because these two are among the most notorious brands that have failed to return to my 5 sen. That is extra profit from them.

The top excuse the cashier gives is that they ran out of 5 sen coins. Funny because when they run out of those little coins, they will take the 5 sen away from you. Never do they give out 10 sen to you, giving away their 5 sen instead. It is always you giving up your 5 sen, and the implicit reason, “don’t be cheap, it’s only 5 sen.” Never them. Always you.

But if it is only 5 sen, why don’t these firms give us their 5 sen instead?

The extra 5 sen is not recorded in their receipt. If it does not go into the receipt, then I would think it is not taken into their accounts when they do their taxes. That means they get to keep those 5 sen coins of pure profit for offering nothing.

Now , I do not know if the effect of these 5 sen is huge that it makes a difference in profits in a significant way. But if you visit one of those places every day, they earn RM1.5o from you. That is about the cost of a sundae and a half!

I think that is unfair to us consumers. I think it is unethical for big corporations like McDonald’s and Aeon to do so. I call that theft. I call it cheating.

I think it is the responsibility of these corporations to return the change and if they do not have the 5 sen change, then they should not take the 5 sen away from the consumers. They should give the consumers discount for that 5 sen instead, given that it is very rare for them to run out of 10 sen coins.

After all, it is just 5 sen, right dude?

One Response to “[2743] A 5 sen complaint against McDonald’s and Aeon”

  1. on 22 Jul 2014 at 10:45 Bobby

    My friend says 5 cents cannot buy bungalow, but I beg to differ. I’m quite sure these corporations are raking it due to volume

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