As the World Solar Challenge approaches, being less than 2 months away, the team prepares. This is the latest Michigan solar car team, Continuum:

Before my involvement in solar car team during my undergraduate years, I had always thought that any car built extensively with duct tape are cardboard cars or anything street-unworthy vehicles. Imagine my shock when I learned how the first car which I had the opportunity to work on, was made extensively of duct tape to join all its fiber glass parts, metal suspension and electronics (the funkiest word I learned while with the team: telemetry)

No I am kidding. But were still used tons of duct tape and the Continuum team does the same too, as you can observe in the video.

Anyway, according to the solar car team website, Continuum is on its way to Australia. All the best!

Go Blue!

And cool song, do you not think so?

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