There is no moral in the killing of civilians.

The Taliban however has no issue with that:

KABUL, Afghanistan, Tuesday, July 31 — The Taliban have shot and killed a second South Korean hostage, the governor of Ghazni Province confirmed Tuesday morning.


The Taliban seized 23 South Koreans from a bus as they travelled through the province on the Kabul-Kandahar highway on July 19. [Afghan Police Find Body of 2nd Korean. NYT. July 31 2007]

Taliban supporters must be jumping up and down, celebrating murder in the name of Islam. Little do the Taliban realizes that by murdering those South Koreans, they make new enemies instead of garnering sympathy. Worse, the inhumane act only tarnishes the image of Islam, forcing the innocent others that rather not to be associated with neo-kharijism (I personally more inclined to use the term Islamofascist because that is what they are, an Islamist and a fascist) to face hostile generalization in an already difficult world.

In a times of conflict, misery is expected but killing civilians on purpose is more than immoral. But what do the Taliban and its supporters care?

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