[2646] Yogyakarta!

As I wrote earlier, I was in Java for more or less three weeks. After Jakarta, I took the train to Yogyakarta. Indeed, I traveled from Jakarta to Bali mostly by train. The journey to Yogyakarta took about 9 hours. The rain made the journey longer than it should.

I must say, I like Yogya, as the locals call it, very much that I wished I had spent more time there and less time in Jakarta. Jakarta is big and it is good to be there to see what is going on with Indonesia. But the city despite its energy has serious infrastructure issues and its traffic congestion, the macet, is truly legendary. It took me around 5 hours to get to my hotel from the airports, and the distance is not that great. So, if you want to learn some early lessons about Indonesia, Jakarta it is a good place to start. For holiday, skip it.

I like Yogya because it is lively and always full of backpackers. I love that atmosphere and meeting like-minded people from all over the world. Unlike Jakarta, Yogya has a far more relaxed pace. You do not have to worry about cars. If you are to die by a road accident, it is likely to involve horse and carriage instead of roaring steel lions.

Yogya has a special position within the Indonesian republic in terms of history, culture and politics. Unlike most other places throughout Indonesia (remember, this is a republic), Yogya has its own royal house.  It is the way the republic chooses to thank Yogya for its contributions to the Indonesian republic.

So, one of the main attractions in Yogya is the kraton, which is the royal palace. The kraton is manned by various servants. And this is probably one of my favorite photos from the kraton.

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