Given the nonsense going on with respect to NGOs and foreign funding, I am glad IDEAS has come up with something:

Press Statement on foreign funding for Malaysian entities

Barisan Nasional MPs should not be so paranoid about the incoming of foreign funds to support NGOs in Malaysia. After all, Barisan Nasional parties also receive American support, with the latest one being just last weekend at a luxurious hotel in Kuala Lumpur. This is not new because, in fact, Barisan Nasional leaders have been receiving foreign support too for many years.

And many bodies close to the government have also received foreign funding. For example, I have in front of me evidence that a think tank close to the government receives support from a foundation linked to a Christian Democratic party from abroad.

Foreign funding is a norm for many NGOs. Just like the government is working hard to bring in foreign investment, we too work hard to attract foreign funds to help grow the country. Surely the foreign support received by Barisan Nasional parties last weekend is not meant to weaken but to strengthen the institutions of government. These support should be cherished, not condemned.

Note: For details of funding received by IDEAS, please see our Annual Report here: [Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs. Press Statement on foreign funding for Malaysian entities. October 5 2012]

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