I am disappointed at the treatment which Tunku Aziz received with respect to his comment about the Bersih’s sit-in. It is quite clear the DAP-led Penang state government ended Tunku’s senatorship to punish him for criticizing the sit-in.

While I disagree with Tunku’s position and I do support the sit-in, the path taken by the state government is utterly disproportionate to the issue at hand. It reveals immaturity of those in power in handling disagreement over what I see as a minor issue. Worse, it suggests some kind of intolerance towards differences of opinion.

Some differences may require severe punishment. The case of Hasan Ali in PAS is a perfect example where there were severe differences that translated into actual actions that caused real unrest and consternation among the populace. Hasan Ali appeared determined to weaken the state government.

In the case of Tunku however, this is really the first real public disagreement. Furthermore, the disagreement is over something that cannot be turned into action. What could the Tunku do as a senator? To be sure, nothing as nearly as severe as what Hasan Ali did. And Tunku has no intention to bring down the state government or break the unity of Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

Another disappointment is the naivety on the part of the state government. It is pure foolishness to peg Tunku’s senatorship to his take on the sit-in. The result of the pegging has now raised questions about DAP’s commitment to free speech. That opens DAP to attack unnecessarily, especially when the general election is just around the corner. Now that Tunku has decided to quit the party, the DAP finds itself in a deeper hole dug by the party itself.

Among these disappointments, there is an insulting opinion floating around accusing Tunku as an UMNO mole.

What is this? Prior to this, the man was praised as the hallmark of integrity. Now, the man has none?

The DAP-led state government is a mistake. DAP supporters and sympathizers need to realize that. Step out for awhile and see the larger picture.

Instead of that they are leveling an outrageous accusation against a gentleman that is Tunku.

What is this? How is this filth any different from the slime UMNO is employing?

Have a bit of class. Now, class is something they can learn from Tunku.

3 Responses to “[2551] Class is something DAP supporters can learn from Tunku”

  1. on 16 May 2012 at 22:32 moo_t

    “Punishment”? It seems there is Rashomon play here. Some medium report that Tunku himself ask not to renew the term, while other media snipped it. Malaysia, truly Boleh!

  2. on 17 May 2012 at 08:50 Hafiz Noor Shams

    Tunku only said that after he was informed his tenure won’t be renewed.

  3. on 22 May 2012 at 16:54 The tax payer

    Hi Hafiz,

    I like your take on DAP’s committment to freedom of speech is now being questioned. I hope DAP in particular and PR in general learn for this unpleasant incident and relentless MSM spins over the last few days. I think both LGE and TA ego clouded their better judgement. This episode may sound trivial but could lead to some lost votes for PR in GE13 and delay our progress towards a two-party system for better check and balance.

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