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Very soon, in less than 24 hours, the Iraqis will be able to decide the future of their country. Finally for the first time in an episode of a tediously long drama, they will be able to participate in a countrywide democratic process. Earlier, I had actually thought that this election would elect the head […]

I saw The Day After Tomorrow the day before yesterday with two friends. I was shocked to find out that the ticket price has considerably been raised. I guess inflation is everywhere now. Enough economics. The movie was entertaining though the effects of global warming were exaggerated. Then again, the director himself has said that […]

If everything in this world rested on me, I will make sure that the world will be a greener place to live in. All of my policies will be based on three of the Green Four Pillars – okologisch (ecological sound), sozial (social stability) and basisdemokratisch (democratic society). The economy will not be based simply […]

The Matrix: Reloaded. With all due respect, the first Matrix is better from Reloaded. First, the fighting scenes in Reloaded was way overdone. Second, the party scene was very overdone (but the sex part was a little underdone =) ). Thirdly, the three words phrase – to be continued. Anyway, my favorite scene is the […]

[138] Of Mon Cal

The Mon Calamari, an ally of the Alliance, in my opinion, had produced the best capital ship for the Rebel Alliance in their quest against the Galactic Empire. The Rebel Alliance was at best lacking the money and technological expertise the Empire had enjoyed. With Kuat Drive Yard and Sienar Fleet System backing the Imperial, […]

Thank to one of my friends, my interest in Dune has reemerged. Dune is one of the best science-fiction ever written. Some would even go further by saying Dune is an epic, a science fiction answer to the Lord of the Rings. Dune is a series of novels written by Frank Herbert concerning the struggles […]

[106] Of ET R2

Found this over the net. To the Star Wars fans, enjoy.

[90] Of I dream of an utopia IV

Space Lanes and Spaceports Once the Solar System or at least the inner region of the system is populated, there will be space lanes, much as the present shipping lanes transporting goods and people across vast distance. Although it will take sometimes before lots of lanes to be defined and accepted among the public, the […]

[89] Of I dream of an utopia III

The Minerals and Space Colonization Currently, crude oil reserve will only sustain us barely through half of the 21st century and it is only the matter of time until all of the minerals will finally be exhausted. Nevertheless, Human will develop a way to dig even deeper to obtain more mineral. Mines will be built […]

Two third of Earth surface is covered by water. Two third is such a large portion to be left unused and it goes unmentioned that human will scour for land in any way that is possible. They “reclaim” land for the sea and build skyscrapers to provide more space for their business. Between these two, […]

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