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If you are concerned about climate change, or simply want to know more about issues surrounding climate change, and you are young, this might be of interest to you. I have been to one of the events when I was back in Malaysia. This actually one of few things that will lift your spirit, if […]

And so, Kuala Lumpur is again the center of a struggle for liberty. Estimating the number of protesters against ISA is hard but Twitter, specifically from the accounts of The Edge and The Malaysian Insider may be helpful. The Malaysian Insider reports that there are about 5,000 protesters in Sogo area while another more or […]

[1866] Of Freedom Academy 2009

The libertarian Malaysia Think Tank is organizing its second Freedom Academy this coming January. Globalisation and the free market are taking a bashing. The global economic turmoil has resulted in claims that we are looking at the end of capitalism. And, for many years we have been told that globalization, trade liberalization, and capitalism are […]

The Descartes Education Counselling Centre is organizing a forum on liberal arts colleges in the US this coming Saturday, August 23 2008 at 15:00 in Damansara Utama. I will be speaking there, tentatively about public universities with the hope of giving prospective undergraduates some idea of the difference between public universities like Michigan and liberal […]

I was there at the MSLS yesterday, I was there when the Prime Minister gave his speech and I was there to witness how badly Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi performed on the stage. It was a dreadful experience and I do not think I would not want to listen to the PM’s speeches in […]

After all the hype, it was as dull as The Phantom Menace. Metblogs KL has more (please do not take it too seriously).

USA For Students, an education fair is on for this Saturday at Wisma MCA on Jalan Ampang. Come and visit us. In fact, do come and visit the Michigan booth. We are at Booth 19. And I am also part of Michigan’s recruiting program (I am not sure what I am suppose to do yet; […]

What was a planned hit and run became an escort mission today on Vesak Day. I dropped by the famed Buddhist Mahavihara temple at Brickfields today and wow, opportunities for great shots were abound. I just could not get enough and I ended up with 1.45GB worth of shots within the span of 6 hours. […]