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Hurt Locker won the Oscar. We all know that. It winning the Oscar was one of the reasons why I wanted to watch it. And watched it I did. With friends saying how good the movie is, I had high expectation. By the time the credit rolled, I thought, why did it win the Oscar? […]

Jakim, a Malaysian federal institution responsible for Islamic affairs, together with RTM, state-owned public television and radio broadcaster, are getting creative by producing a reality TV program aimed at “unearthing talent among children in various aspects of Islam“: The progamme, which be will both entertaining and educational, was aimed at unearthing talent among children in […]

Spending an evening at the Opera House to Hadyn and Bruckner’s is a priceless experience. I admit, the music was slow that at multiple points of time, I found that I wanted the clock to run faster but at other times, it was exciting listening to fast-paced classical evoking a sense of joy, danger or […]

I woke up to terrible news today. Yasmin Ahmad, a celebrated personality in the local visual media scene, walks no more on this fair earth. I have only met and conversed with her only once. It was at Hishammudin Rais’ little restaurant at the Central Market Annexe in Kuala Lumpur. There was a forum at […]

[2019] Of thanks MJ

They do not make good films like this one anymore.

Some Indonesians might be fuming because of Malaysian antic: US hip-hop group NERD (No one Ever Really Dies) have cancelled their Jakarta concert following an unpleasant experience in Malaysia, concert organizers announced Sunday, just hours before the concert’s scheduled start. Java Festival Production and Urbanite-Sinjitos said NERD had called off their Jakarta gig after Malaysian […]

This is my favorite scene. Understanding the words to La Marseillaise is important in fully appreciating the scene.

I watched The Dark Knight with a couple of friends last week and the movie was great. It definitely one of the best movies ever but the highlight of the day was certainly this:

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