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I am having a pang of longing for Michigan for reasons I do not know. This song is named The Hymn, sang by the Men’s Glee Club at the University.

It does describe the Malaysian situation.

I first watched Les Misérables at the West End of London some time ago. This is one of my favorites songs:

When I first decided to ride a bus from Paris to London, I did not plan on watching anything at West End. A friend in Paris encouraged me to watch something but I ignored her, telling her I would not want to watch it alone. I changed my mind when I got out of Victoria […]

[2269] Of it is November!

Ladies and gentlemen, Please welcome the month of November heartily. Let us race through it!

I’ll see you again before too long.

This is an obligatory post after a visit to a World Heritage Site. The whole atmosphere reminded me of the X-Men. Why? In one of many plots, the X-Men found themselves in the middle of a valley secluded from civilization. I cannot remember the name of the plot anymore but I am sure the cartoon […]

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