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(This is a really long reply and relatively technical. For summary in plain English, click here.) Let us begin with a real life conversation between friends of mine and a professor of economics. The professor highlighted how women were discriminated in a certain country and how that discrimination affected the labor market in a bad […]

Ahmad Fuad Rahmat wrote a short essay in support of minimum wage.[1] While there may be a number of reasons to support minimum wage, I believe he misunderstands some issues and mischaracterizes others while he attacks the anti-minimum wage camp. He first and foremost takes issue with Wan Saiful Wan Jan’s statement that ”when employers […]

Dear Ms. Alicia, In replying to your letter, I will probably admit to only this: perhaps I accidentally casted my net too widely by not using enough qualification when I criticized Farrelly some days ago.[1] I qualified my statement at the beginning but later, I did away with it. I tend to do this because […]

Khoo Kay Peng wrote at his blog: If Dr Mahathir is serious about his current move then why aren’t his family members following him out? [Mukhriz Taking a Hedge. Straight Talk. May 20 2008] While his entry in general is reasonable, the last paragraph, reproduced here, sounds absolutely odd. Does the former PM need his […]

Why I ask? FOR a long time Barisan Nasional’s communal approach has been translated into policies that have guided the nation’s governance and economic management. As a result, we are now laden with a hotchpotch of economic policies which are obviously in conflict. We have in existence an old system from a socialist ideology of […]

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