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(This is a really long reply and relatively technical. For summary in plain English, click here.) Let us begin with a real life conversation between friends of mine and a professor of economics. The professor highlighted how women were discriminated in a certain country and how that discrimination affected the labor market in a bad […]

Ahmad Fuad Rahmat wrote a short essay in support of minimum wage.[1] While there may be a number of reasons to support minimum wage, I believe he misunderstands some issues and mischaracterizes others while he attacks the anti-minimum wage camp. He first and foremost takes issue with Wan Saiful Wan Jan’s statement that ”when employers […]

Dear Ms. Alicia, In replying to your letter, I will probably admit to only this: perhaps I accidentally casted my net too widely by not using enough qualification when I criticized Farrelly some days ago.[1] I qualified my statement at the beginning but later, I did away with it. I tend to do this because […]

Khoo Kay Peng wrote at his blog: If Dr Mahathir is serious about his current move then why aren’t his family members following him out? [Mukhriz Taking a Hedge. Straight Talk. May 20 2008] While his entry in general is reasonable, the last paragraph, reproduced here, sounds absolutely odd. Does the former PM need his […]

Why I ask? FOR a long time Barisan Nasional’s communal approach has been translated into policies that have guided the nation’s governance and economic management. As a result, we are now laden with a hotchpotch of economic policies which are obviously in conflict. We have in existence an old system from a socialist ideology of […]

At Mahaguru58, there is a failure to understand that relationship is reciprocal in nature. If one does not wish for others to interfere in one’s life, one should not interfere with others’. The blogger wrote: This is the concluding part of my dialogue with MENJ recently. I discussed with him regarding the current situation where […]

It continues: The low-level economist (not a historian, mind you!) does not seem to know when to quit. So he decided to harp on a slight faux pas that I committed, namely of Demak attacking the Majapahit empire. In that sense, yes, I made a historical error there in attributing that attack as to being […]

My post on Srivijaya hit a nerve. Specifically, somebody called Menj! Oh, Rajan, come to my aid please! LOL! The best thing is, while he is calling me as an idiot economist from a third rated university and all, he mistook Srivijaya as Majapahit. I had problem understanding his objection — it did not make […]

A continuation of exchange between me and kaki bangku. Point 1: It wasn’t a disparaging remark at all because I am well aware that you are comfortable with upholding those labels. Merely an attempt to set out the different frames of reference that shape our differing opinions. Terasa kah? Then your assumption is false. As […]

In response to kaki bangku at, which in turn is in response to a post of mine on morality police. This is a point by point response and thus, kaki bangku’s complete post is here. First point: _earth @ hafiz, Thank you for the instant response. Of course, your liberalism-atheism-islamophobe reaction was not a […]

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