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I am having a pang of longing for Michigan for reasons I do not know. This song is named The Hymn, sang by the Men’s Glee Club at the University.

[2479] That feeling again

It is tiring riding a roller coaster ride sometimes, running the full gamut of emotions from cycle to cycle. Already I feel unhappy about general everyday things. I recognize this sensation. The loathing of knowing another day coming; the judgmental attitude towards things that I really should not care about; the coldness towards others; the […]

[2457] A necessary lie

He remembers all too clearly what happened six months ago on the other side of the world as he stands among strangers under a statue of St Michel, waiting for an old dear friend to emerge from the Metro. ”Don’t bite your nails.” ”You’re starting to sound like my mother,” she replied to him sarcastically […]

She claimed she is a student from Nepal. She approached me, asking if I am one? Many thought that I am still in my teen years, and so that question is legitimate. Those far older than me said I have a young face that does not age. Legitimate or not, I was on guard for deception. […]

I have told this story many times to friends. I just woke up from sleep. It was sometime between 8AM and 9AM. My first semester at Michigan. The first or the second week of class. Chemistry class was due at 10AM. Or really, ten after ten. It was Michigan time, you see. I needed to […]

Last Monday, the Sun published a report on food stamp. They interviewed me for that report. The authors of the report quoted me as “a member of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) and is responsible for its economic studies arm.”[1] While I spoke to one of the authors on behalf of IDEAS, I […]

Protected: [2416] Here we go again

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Let’s Go Blue!

[2263] Of staring at the sky

Do you know what I like? I like lying on the grass during a blue sunny day and just stare at the clouds as the wind blows them across the sky, slowly. It makes you forget everything, momentarily.

[2252] Of the shrinking world lie

They say the world is getting smaller. They say the world is small. I disagree. The world is not small and it is not getting smaller fast enough. Physical distance is real. I never really cared for distance, until recently. True when I was young, separation was hard. I remember as a very young boy, […]

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