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So, trade surplus in the first quarter of 2013 very much contracted. Net exports in current prices were down by 44%. Although imports fared considerably better than exports in the quarter (hence the big drop in trade surplus), imports of consumption goods were weak, which may suggest that consumption itself slowed. Another bad news is […]

[2662] Guess the GDP growth rate!

Here is some background. Malaysian exports did badly in the fourth quarter. Europe and the US suffered from contraction at the same time. Nevertheless, domestic demand appeared strong. Private consumption growth was likely pretty solid. In the first, second and third quarter, the real GDP grew by 5.1%, 5.6% and 5.2% from a year ago […]

I was reading the Bloomberg Brief just now and I saw this graph. If your favorite answer is unavailable as an option above, do share in the comment section.

Background: Rivals CIMB and Maybank are racing against each other to merge (takeover?) with RHB. It is a high-stake game. The winner will have a significantly increased regional profile. At the same time, a current shareholder of RHB, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) is selling its stake to its sister’s company Aabar Investments. Both the ADCB and […]

This is a relevant question, given that some expect the election will be held in the next few months. I of course do not pretend that these polls are scientific. It is all for good fun.

You may be interested in reading my review of the debate before voting.

Let me help you: Michael Bay’s version does not have Stan Bush’s Dare. Neither The Touch. Nor cool ambient. Would a kid cry watching Bay’s adaptation? I know I cried as a child watching Optimus Prime died.

I am testing two new plugins. So, let us begin! This survey is not as nearly as scientific at all. So, if there is any statistician wannabe out there, spare me the lecture. p/s — The Background is probably Third Eye Blind’s most underrated song. pp/s — this is a sticky post. I intend to […]

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