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Between Malaysia and UMNO, I do not believe those influential in the party care for Malaysia more than UMNO. I have recently alluded to that idea but it was done in jest, perhaps unwittingly referring to the upcoming rally demanding for fairer electoral process. After observing development in the past few days, the jest is […]

Before correction: After correction: Ahem… To find out more, visit RealClimate. More info? Go to Wired Science.

Religious conservative Muslims have an odd siege mentality. They feel that everybody is trying to get them. They feel that: The West is trying to get them. Christians are trying to get them. Hindus are trying to get them. Buddhists are trying to get them. Chinese are trying to get them. Jews are trying to […]

Upon news of the devastation of Lojing broke out, UMNO Kelantan immediately seizes the opportunity to grab a couple of brownie points by appointing itself as the guardian of the environment: KOTA BAHARU, March 31 (Bernama) — Kelantan Umno has set up an action committee to check the ecological damage due to excessive logging at […]

There has been talk that the Bush administration might conduct an airstrike — or something greater in force — against Iran. I do think that the President is building a case in that direction. In the New York Times earlier: WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 — President Bush said Wednesday that he was certain that factions within […]

Every new year, here they come: resolutions. Come and share your resolutions with me!

Moral and fashion police from PAS introduces a uniform for women. Can you say Islamofascist?

The followers of the religion of love and the religion of peace duking them out. And we liberals watching on the sidewalk, noting every bit of irony in the episode.

The word “shoot” is the new no-no in Malaysia (tag)! I want to shoot Guna too! Let’s all shoot Guna! You shoot me, I shoot you and everybody shoots everybody! Shoot, shoot, shoot! Bang! Sorry Jeff, you’re a bad influence. I’m going to shoot you too! Bang! See P Gunasegaram says his life is threatened […]

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