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The establishment that is Barisan Nasional is pretty much clueless of what is going on. Not much has changed since the Abdullah administration I guess. Here is a guide. The more insulting accusations thrown, ┬ámore individuals will get angry and more will go down and protest. This Bersih protest is becoming larger than itself, thanks […]

Perverse definition. Hey, I have a song for you.

For our joint sake, please do not send our money down the hole.

Some background on the logging controversy in Kedah. This is one of those rare instances where I reproduce the whole article. GREEN groups have always eyed so-called Reduced Impact Logging or RIL techniques with suspicion. Although they do incur less damage to forests then conventional logging methods, RIL methods such as skyline yarder, long haulage […]

Kita hanya ada dua pilihan: Barisan Nasional atau Malaysia. Tidak perlu was-was lagi. Undi untuk Malaysia dan bukan Barisan Nasional! Sebarkan!

When I read an article relating to the resignation of Chua Soi Lek in The Star today…: …I just could not resist it: I just love the Prime Minister. He gives too many opportunities for humor. Perhaps, he aims to rival the current US President!

From the graph above, guesstimate the relationship between hours of sleep with the number of walking spoons seen. Is the latter variable a proxy of an unstated variable? What is that variable? What happened on Thursday?

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